Thursday sunrise

Waiting for the swell to build up I grabbed my camera and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise! :-)

Laga classic XXVIII

And one more Laga surf championship goes away.
Last Saturday dad, Andy and myself went surfing Mundaka at 5am, with frontal flashlights. After that by the time I got to Laga I could see that the swell was increasing considerably, and that there were beautiful waves. Right away I signed up for the competition just to surf with a small group of people in those waves (I wasn’t expecting to compete). I turned out being a fabulous day of surfing, nice peaks all over the beach and waves pumping regularly. The following day we had the final rounds with shitty waves, but I was lucky enough to take down the championship. Pretty happy about it! :-)


1- Guillermo Amezaga Suarez
2- Martin Moina
3- Lander Sustatxa
4- Etore Muniategi Askondo

1- Gorka Lopez
2- Beñat F
3- Lander Larruzea
4- Iñigo

1- Peio Etxebarrieta
2- Jon Olaizola Intxausti
3- Gorka Corres Perez

1- Superzuri
2- Ibon Wolschrijn Calzada
3- Alvaro Unceta
4- Beñat Egidazu

 Angela took some pictures while I was surfing the first heat:
 Following Idarrageitor

 Iratxe spent more than 5 hours taking pics from the water!
 Charli, going home in first round...haha

 Empty set
 The new generations are coming super strong. Oh, oh...
The Titanic about to crush with captain Gurpil, Peio and Iratxe!