Surviving X6

Hectic times in Portland, the agenda is getting tighter and tighter, starting to overlap meetings with people. I haven't been shooting in a while, and at the same time I got a bunch of pics in the phone, waiting to be posted, so here they go:

Easy-cheap-healthy food
 Just biking
 Random car
 Or mountain. Summer is still nice
 When you dry your wetsuit but you forgot to clean it
 Dipping french fries in ice cream
 Epic outdoor adventure = travel in an RV bigger than my apartment
 Best restroom I've ever used
 Hello you
 Filling the boxes in 10 minutes
 Homemade project
 When there are not seats available
 Biking back home, after work
 Very Portlander
 Stickers II
 Stickers III
 Stickers IV
 Stickers V
Average waterfall
 Summer here is similar to Bilbao
 Weird reflections

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