Story of a car

As you may already know I'm not very fan of material things, I want to believe that they are tools that make our life easier. 
But...I think this car has been quite different. I spent a lot of time together with Matthew working in this 1991 Corolla. That, together with the 20,000 miles in one year around Oregon, Washington and California made this antique a memorable vehicle. 

The only day it was clean was when I purchased it. By the second day it was full of sand
We opened many of the car parts

And found very interesting items
We often visited the junkyard, to get new cheap parts for the car
You could fit 2 boards and 3 pairs of skis
You could even sleep inside
I took it to the Gorge
To the Redwoods
 And it was the king in the snow

 Definitely not the biggest car
 But it was always there waiting, even after 10 hours of skiing

It went through rough roads without many problems
 Although we had to report some downs

 It transported all the famous celebrities
 It was super fast!
See you hopefully soon little Corolla!


  1. Mmmmhhh, ven ya! ��

  2. Focus on what you want - be specific. Take actions, beyond the thoughts, to get the feeling. Let it go. Trust that what you asked will appear. Be happy.