Bye bye USA

The American chapter comes to its end. Another beautiful year, this time in Portland, Oregon, exploring what the west part of USA had to offer.
I feel so fortunate that I had the chance of meeting so many beautiful people, definitely the most interesting beings I've comed across in my short life.
It seems quite obvious that the focus of the past year has been in outdoors, but the truth is that many of the little special moments occurred in Portland, while working in random projects, trying new things, making a lot of mistakes, and learning from a few of them.

This is a small summary of my past year in Oregon:


The trend of the month was biking and swimming
 I got to see the waterfalls of the Gorge
 And of course the coast
 While rafting I rescued the inflatable alligator, and I adopted as "Fred"
 I discovered some waves

We celebrated the birthday of Jaime!


As the heat kept in Oregon I took Fred to some water trips
I got to see more waterfalls
 The surfing was pretty good and uncrowded

 And the coast kept amazing me
 This evening I got to surf with dolphins, grey whales and sea lions, pretty sketchy but speechless at the same time
 We danced salsa
Photo: Matthew
 And I did some hikes with Marcia


October started with the visit of papa superzuri. We did some great trips
He took couple of pictures of me surfing!

I hiked next to glaciers
I did a trip around central Oregon, by that time there was nobody in the mountains

Blue pool in McKenzie River
 Sunrise in Crater Lake


It was the month of leaves on the ground. It took a lot of work to clean them but the city was beautiful

 Sunrise over Portland
 Traveling through Washington I accidentally found a nice wave
And it made me really happy


December started with a trip to Seattle and Vancouver BC. It didn't stop raining for a second, so it felt a semi-failure

Tomas in Lynn Canyon, Canada
The surf got really cold
 But I kept finding new waves
 And suddenly all the snow came from nowhere
The first 16 days of the ski season I skied 10 days...not bad
 It was powder snow every single day


And the ski party kept running. Skiing 4 days a week felt like a dream come true. Powder everywhere!
 Groomers were also enjoyable
 And more new snow
Dale ripping

 I got to ski superbowl run, which doesn't open every year, so I felt pretty fortunate
 Jenny in Heather
 And I finally got a photo skiing (Photo: Grant)
As dad came to visit me I showed him a closed run that cost me the season pass in Meadows. This was the run 


Without a ski pass I went to Trillium Lake to meditate while crosscountry skiing
 But soon I discovered Ski Bowl, the funnest ski resort in the area

And Timberline, the iconic beautiful ski resort
 As I got my Passport robbed I had to travel to the Spanish consulate, in San Francisco. That was a great excuse to check the city and the snow of Tahoe too!
 Georgina was a great host and guide


March arrived full of snow

André came to visit me, and we drove to Redwood NP
 Exploring the beautiful coast of southern Oregon
I also got to ski Mt Bachelor and Hoodoo, so much fun


April started upside down. Suddenly it was super hot, it felt like summer
 So it was great skiing in t-shirt
 It was tulip season!

 Ski Bowl closed on a day like this. Nobody skiing and still great groomer runs
 ...and the best part: swimming season was ON. Skiing in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. April definitely was the best month of the year.
At some point while I was skiing I got the citation for my graduation in the faculty of Bilbao, for the Engineering degree...obviously I was too busy!


May started with the visit of Ana

 And skiing kept ON
 I got to check Yosemite. So nice!
And here I missed my second graduation, this one in Chicago, for the CS Masters degree...again too busy hiking! :-)


June was a crazy mixture
 More skiing with Marta
 Roadtrip with Nish, from LA to Colorado
 Grand Canyon quick stop
 Somewhere in east Utah
 Hiking with Georgina

 And more skiing


July started with a trip to Orcas Island, WA

Two weeks later I drove to the Wallowas, in NE Oregon

Painted hills
 And guess what...the skiing kept ON

Chris carving
And the surf was pretty decent


Pretty weird month, very busy but with some glorious highlights
Nish came for an express visit and we got to hike in Mt Hood
 I built an Olaf (Photo: Nish)
 And swam in Trillium Lake (Photo: Nish)
I heard something about perseids so I just drove to Trillium Lake to check them out. I couldn't take pictures (a tripod would had helped) but it was amazing. Not much sleep though haha
 The week after, Tomas came, and we hiked another part of Mt Hood

And we swam more in Trillium Lake

And here we year later ready for more adventures!

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