And life gets better and better.
Wednesday morning I checked the snow forecast for Timberline, which said it would rain on the weekend, so I wrote to Nish to see if we could arrange a plan in California. He already planned a trip to Yosemite with Luis and company. A couple of hours later I had my plane ticket to SF. 
As it is usual with Nish I met super cool people. Well, all of them are so smart that sometimes I feel a little bit dumb but I love being surrounded by young, smart, positive and active people. It’s not that easy to find people like that nowadays. 
Saturday morning we drove to Yosemite, we camped there, and then we hiked on Sunday. This National Park is well know by the crowds, and they are right, but the beauty and magic of the place is worth eveything. Actually I would say that it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.
Now, as every time I return from a trip…I want to travel more! Let’s see what the future delivers…


The super car of Luis, The famous Yaris

 Nish and Ariana
 Ariana took a picture of me :-)

Nish and I during mortal combat. Photo: Ariana


 Following Ariana, in the hike. The guys were too fast!

 Zack. He carried my heavy backpack for a while. It was so nice!

 Back to SF


  1. EXPECTACULAR!!!! Muy buenas las fotos!!!

    1. Eskerrik asko Asier!
      La verdad es que el sitio es increíble.