Roadtrip time!

Nish is moving from LA to Boulder, Colorado, and I offered to go as a passenger in his sportscar. Good adventures to come! Feeling super fortunate for being able to travel again, and even more considering that we'll drive through my favorite part of the world: Utah :-)
A possible route, but still in the air...

Surviving X2

I'm starting to really like this phone

Video March Powder

That magic March 15...

Surviving X1

During the last weeks I've been doing some hard drive recap where I found many cool spontaneous pictures taken from the phone. And that's why I like phone pictures, because the shoots are more random and less prepared. So upgrading to the Nexus 6P was a pretext to start shooting again with the phone (I almost completely stopped with the Nexus 5). That said Surviving section is back! As the last post of the saga was "Surviving X", we start with "X1". These pics are not very spontaneous but I'll try to improve.


The typical rain came back to Portland, and it really feels different to the last month and a half. Some pictures from my last day of ski, two weeks ago. I hope next week we have some sun, so I can still go for some laps!

GoPro moments #12

Some pictures from the André trip. It's been a while since I've been editing GoPro pics. I think got used to edit DSLR RAW pics, so now I felt struggling with these ones. I still have a punch of GoPro albums waiting to be edited.
As it seems that this weekend there will be plenty of rain all around Oregon it might be a good time to do the work, plus edit a video, we'll see...I hope I can go hiking instead.


The Google office where Luis works