Ski & Tulips

Wow, what an amazing weekend. Definitely the sunny Spring days are the best of the year, here.
On Friday I went to Timberline to hit the groomers plus a hike to the top of palmer, my legs are starting to cooperate more going uphill...haha!
I finished at 3pm so as I had to do something to get advantage of the sun and warmth I decided to drive to Woodburn, to the tulip farm. It was a super cool place but really crowded. As always, I didn't do any online research to "not kill the magic" but then I got the surprise that it's definitely not a wild place. Anyways, feeling absolutely fortunate to enjoy the beautiful Oregon during the Spring. It's helping me with the process of switching to real life, and abandon virtual life. The only problem is that it is the only way to keep in touch with my people at's definitely tricky. If we keep having snow, sun and long days you know why I don't answer to messages ;-)

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