Camp Sherman

Another great weekend in the beautiful Oregon. This time it was time to check out central Oregon. We spent the weekend in a cozy cabin, in Camp Sherman, and I skied both Hoodoo and Bachelor. I was surprised by Hoodoo, so much fun. It's like a modern Ski Bowl, small but really fun ski resort. 
Now it looks like we'll have a sunny warm week. Maybe it's time to go hiking in Mt Hood, from Timberline high as possible. Probably not too far...haha!

Ski mix #2

Some pics from the times of Meadows. Going to a cabin in the mountain, for the weekend. Hopefully some backcountry skiing, and nice pictures. We'll see!

GoPro moments #11

Absolutely busy lately, hopefully more skiing soon. Some pics from last week.

The André Roadtrip

As André came to visit me we decided to drive to Redwood National Park, and then check the coast of North California and South Oregon. Now thinking in the next trip...Southeast Oregon.