Time for the roadtrip

Well I guess I should justify my future lack of posts for the next week. 
As most of you may know a couple of weeks ago they broke into my apartment, and took all my documents, so now I have to go to the Spanish consulate to get a new passport. As the closest one is in San Francisco I'm about to get into a road trip through California. After all it's a good excuse to visit the only state in the west of USA that I haven't been to yet.
The schedule right now is as it follows:
Drive to SF, meet the ski buddy and drive all the way to Tahoe. Go backcountry skiing for 2 days, and go back to SF. Spend a day in the city, go to my meeting in the consulate and drive back to Portland, through the coast. I wish I could take more days off but I'll have to be working by next Thursday. To give an idea Portland-SF by car is about 10 hours of driving.
I still don't know if I'll take my laptop, most likely yes, so we'll see if I post some pictures.
Bye! :-)


  1. te han robado diego??? se llevaron mucho?? ya lo siento.

  2. Se llevaron los documentos, pero ha sido una buena excusa para hacer un viaje chachi. Hay que ver el lado positivo!

  3. ohhhhh, ueno, tambien esta bien!!! a disfrutar