The California Roadtrip

Well, finally I’m back. 
A lovely introduction to California, definitely the fame of this state has a reason. That said I’m glad I had my passport stolen, so that I had to drive all the way to SF, to visit the Spanish consulate. I met Georgina there, and she was the best host ever. She’s the kind of person that you have fun with no matter what you are doing. We drove to Tahoe, to go BC skiing for the weekend. What a beautiful place, insane! We scored some nice tracks, and our legs did a pretty good job hiking those mountains :-)
On Monday I did a long walk around downtown San Francisco, until I met Gorka and Ariadna. We went to the beach so he could surf for a while. Super nice to meet people from home. I realized that I miss home more than I thought!
Tuesday morning I had my appointment, and after the bureaucracy I drove all the way to the north of California. The northern coast is so nice and peaceful, it’s like the coast of Oregon but sunny. 
Wednesday was the Oregon part, all the way to Portland. Guess what, it was cloudy and foggy, haha! Oregon style. I passed through the redwoods (huge trees) in the border of California and Oregon, but I didn’t stop for a hike. I’ll return there in a couple of weeks. Those trees are definitely unique, it is worth to drive 5-6 hours there, to walk around them. 
Let’s see how Mt Hood is on Saturday!
 Arriving to SF


 Back in SF

 Northern California

 Welcome to the cloudy Oregon


  1. Cool shots from Tahoe, and I love the San Francisco cityscape from Sutro Tower - I did this shot at night (and loved the view) but had no idea it looks so nice during the day :)

    1. Thank you Wojtek!!
      I was staying two blocks from there so I was really lucky with the views!