Ski Bowl Sunday

What a beautiful weather we’re having in the PNW. Marvelous! 
On Sunday Tomás, Miguel, his grandson and I went to Ski Bowl. It was my first time there, and I really liked it. It’s a small ski resort but pretty steep. The chairlifts are prehistoric, and it was almost empty, it felt like skiing in the pyrenees. 
I took my slalom world cup skis (the ones that I found in the trash of Timberline Lodge) to test them. Well, the first 4 runs I wasn’t able to ride them, they felt really weird. The fact is that they are very different to what I am used to. Most of all mountain skis nowadays are super easy to ride, at almost any kind of condition. But the slalom skis require a lot of work to ski. They are ultra stiff, so you really have to push the edges so that you can turn. Once the edges are set the ski flies during turning, so it feels like going faster after the turn than before, so much fun! Besides the edges are so sharp that you can incline as much as wanted during carving that the skis will hold. The main problem is that they require double energy from the legs to drive them. After two days with them my legs are shaking…haha!
I’ll return to Ski Bowl soon!

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