Saturday double skiing.

Well, not the most exciting skiing day, but still a good day. Those ones that now you think they're not special but when you remember them in the summer you'd do anything to get a day like that. So,that's why I try to ski as much as possible, winter is short, and it can always get worse.
Miguel and I went to Timberline in the morning, skied until 3:30, after that went to Ski Bowl, and skied until 6. 
Still weird feelings about Timberline. Today, Saturday there were no lines at all in the chairlifts, and the ski resort vibe feels way more relaxed than in Meadows. There's not that anxiety you could feel so many days. But at the same time the slopes are really boring, by the time you get speed it's already flat again...but with the slalom skis you can fight that problem. With those skis you can carve even in flat. It's a pity that I didn't bring them today, I missed them!
Well tomorrow it's gonna be a catastrophic day in the mountain so we'll see if Monday is a possible ski day (it's holiday in USA).

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