Thursday in heaven

Thursday morning. I wasn’t absolutely motivated for getting up early for skiing, but that’s becoming a trend lately. When I head to Meadows it feels like a routine. Actually when I put on the ski boots it feels exactly as when I put my underwear after the shower, it’s something automatic haha. But it also has a good part, that it’s simply awesome being able to ski whenever I want. And once I’m skiing I scream of happiness from the first run, so it’s a weird combination the unmotivated driving + the feel like heaven once I’m in the snow.
Today it was another glorious day. One of the highlights is that I felt next to a tree, the pole got stuck, it bent and when I tried to put back to the original shape it cracked. So, I had to buy new poles. I’m not proud at all about that. At least the poles I bought where the cheapest of the shop ($15). I guess I had a premonition. Let’s see if the new ones last longer…
Tomorrow sun in Meadows! Yeah! :-)

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