Surprising Thursday.

Beautiful day in Meadows.
I arrived later than 9am (9:15) for the first time in the season. The breakfast this morning took me forever, probably 45 minutes. I should get a kind of award for having so much dedication to my avocado toast!
Well, I expected to be a snowy day and not much powder on the slopes, but turned out being the oposite. The previous night the clouds of Oregon were very generous and we finally got a decent amount of snow. Besides, this morning we even saw the sun!
I met Jenny and her friends on my first run, and that was really nice. I normally don’t like skiing in groups cause most of the times it kills the skiing rhythm but in this case it felt really natural, just skiing and smiling, so good!
Then, by noon they left, and right after I met Chris, the guy who met the first day in Meadows. We did some runs in Vista, with really fresh powder, super nice. He normally skis very fast but this time I think he had piety, so I could follow him. After he left I headed to some forests and I found good powder, with few tracks. I remember a turn having the snow splash in my face haha!
I guess another highlight of the day is that I finally got decent gloves. It’s been a little bit of nightmare to find proper ones, I know it sounds stupid but I just couldn't find any of them that were usable.
Well, tonight they forecast 20cms of new snow and apparently tomorrow will be sunny. I guess it's time to go to sleep (it's still 21:30, I feel like a little child).

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