Superbowl with Erik

Probably the best run in Meadows. This was on Sunday the 10th, my second time in that place.
Today it's been snowing quite a lot, 11 inches (28 cm) in the last 9 hours, and tomorrow will be sunny. I guess I won't be alone in Meadows, there's a lot of powder hunger, so we'll see.
I realized that I have a lot of GoPro clips of the season so far, I guess it's time for editing. Sincerely I don't feel very motivated. I think GoPro ski videos (only runs recorded from the helmet) are super boring, except if you're jumping 50 meter cliffs. And as a proof, I haven't check half of my footage yet, haha! But as my last serious edit was around September, or even August I think I should give it a try and break the photo monotony. Now I need time for that! 

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