Sunday: No friends day

Happiness and fullness I guess are the words to describe the last 4 days of skiing. 
Today, Sunday I did my routinary groomed snow skiing until 10:30-11. I was supposed to meet a bunch of different friends (everybody was coming today!) but suddenly I saw people hiking to Superbowl (the highest slope). So I just went there straight praying to find a skiing buddy (it's required). When I arrived I met Eric, a guy who also was searching for a skiing buddy. We went up and the run was so good! Still fresh powder. I guess the wind blowed a lot and piled everything in the same place. Anyways it was so good that we repeated! The second time there was nobody. After that, by 2pm my legs couldn't handle any more skiing, so I just drove home enjoying the marvelous views.
When I got the phone I had 4 different messages of friends to meet up in Meadows. That's why I guess today should be considered "no friends day". 
It's interesting that on Thursday morning I was lazy to ski but after each day I was more and more excited. I guess it should be the opposite. I remember that on Thursday I was even thinking about not going and today, Sunday I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm clock because of the excitement about skiing! haha
This week rain is forecasted. Not the thing you want to see but hopefully by Thursday we'll have new snow. By then I'll be free again! :-)
Regards from the beautiful Oregon.

I got hunted again. I think it's time to buy a couple of shots

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