Friday in Superbowl

Friday. Another epic day. I love it. 
I started the groomed snow routine for a couple of ours but I got a little bit bored. I had lunch around 11:30am and after that I saw some people hiking in the upper part of the resort called "Superbowl". It's an area where you need an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and the ski buddy to go there. When I was in the chairlift I started to talk to a woman called Jenny (an ex-ski patrol of Meadows) that was also looking for a ski buddy to go up there. It turned out being an incredibly beautiful hike and then a super fun and long run. It felt so good.
Now Saturday it'll be snowing and then Sunday sunny day. My body needs some serious rest but the skiing is being fantastic. We'll see how it develops...
By now just sleep with a big smile!

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