Bittersweet Friday.

Another powder shredding day in Meadows.
Today I left home earlier than yesterday (around 6:30am) but you could feel much more traffic than an average Friday. Everybody came to the forecasted “no friends day”, but it turned out being a bittersweet day. One of the down points were the huge lines in the chairlifts, probably the longest ones so far in the season. Second, as it snowed a lot with West wind Heather Canyon was not safe enough to open, because of the avalanches, so they only opened private reserve, but around 11. Also I felt that a lot of people were more serious, I guess they were nervous about shredding the powder, I don’t know. What was interesting is that I herd a lot of people today using the phrase “people don’t work on Fridays or what?”, and it felt pretty stupid, I mean on Thursday there was nobody skiing, and suddenly everybody comes to get their runs and complain for being part of the crowd, hello!
Well, now the good points. Of course in the forest there was a lot of new snow, you just had to find it. Also, by noon the ski resort was empty so everything was for us. I met Chris by that time and we did a bunch of runs in private reserve, just having so much fun. He skied in ultra-fast mode (well the normal mode for him) though so it was difficult to follow him!haha
Now no skiing on Saturday, and we’ll see Sunday. I just realized that Monday is holiday, and it will be sunny, so more crowds to expect. I guess the phrase “people don’t work on Mondays?” won’t be valid for the ones that want the snow for themselves. ;-) 
Have fun!

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