2 runs

2 runs from last Sunday that set my smile for the rest of the week. Thanks Grant for being there to capture the moments! :-)

Grey Saturday

 Last Saturday wasn't the most exciting day out there. When I arrived it was raining, and although it soon switched to snow, the snow was wet and heavy. It's then when you think "did I forget to ski or what?" but apparently everybody felt the same. Anyways I went to the "meditation run" which is the one that goes from lower Heather Canyon to HRM chairlift. It's the most beautiful and peaceful place of Meadows, together with Superbowl. 
An intense storm is on the way. Excited!

Sunday: Sun and happiness

What a weekend of contrasts! Saturday was a terrible day, definitely the worst of the season. Wet and heavy snow, and super crowded. 
On Sunday I didn’t have any expectations and it turned out being the happiest day of ski. It wasn’t the best day of the season in terms of conditions but I had so much fun. I met a bunch of cool new people, and we skied non stop, both groomers and off piste slopes. Grant was there to shoot and he got a couple of nice pictures of me. I hope to get them soon :-)
Now super busy trying to do all the stuff before Wednesday. It seems that a heavy storm is coming by Thursday, with plenty of rain switching to tons of new snow. I hope the forest piles with fresh powder so that daddy can experience in first person what pillow jumping is in Jack’s woods. We’ll see!


 TJ and Jenny




It’s not all about pictures from my cameras. It’s time to post shots of action. Last Wednesday I signed the deal for the season photo pass with Grant (the photographer of Meadows). I wasn’t sure if it was worth to pay for that but it’s true that I don’t have almost any picture of myself skiing, so I decided to get it. I don't like that he shoots in JPEG, cause it's way more difficult to edit than in RAW but...that's how it is.
By now these are some of the pics I have. Last Wednesday he took a couple more of me but I still don’t have them. I guess they’ll go in the next post. 
The video is on the way. Sunday-Monday in the blog.
Time to ski! :-)