Video of first tracks

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm lately having a bipolar life: I'm skiing or working. I try to do the work in less days so I normally work about 9 hours/day. That way I have a couple of days off per week to...go skiing! haha
Well the last weekend I recorded 4 runs, literally 4 and yesterday I edited with a very basic editing, and here you have.

BTW, I'm heading to the mountain for another 4 days. This time I got invited to a house in the mountain, so I won't be commuting from Portland every day. The forecast is snow, snow and snow, and plenty of wind, so I don't really know what to expect (apart from snow). With that weather I probably won't use my DSLR much but hopefully the GoPro will be running. I'll bring my computer so I'll likely post pictures! :-)

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