Ski Meadows #8: Weird Monday

So here I am, another ski day in the lap. Today my body was still hurting but I went to Meadows anyways. It didn't snow as much as forecasted, and there was almost no sun. I went to the new run I found on Saturday and it was really glorious, but I don't know why I felt that I shouldn't go back. It's a quite remote place and there's almost nobody there. That's the good and the bad part at the same time. You can open tracks the whole day but if something happens you might have to pray a lot cause nobody's going to find you. Besides, it requires a long scenic hike. So, today after the first run (the one of the video) I decided not to go back. I know what you're thinking "are you f****** kidding me??". Yeah, I had a weird feeling of something bad happening if I went back so I stayed skiing groomed snow most of the day. Now I kinda regret about it, but at least I'm sitting in my bed, no injured. Well, don't worry I'll be back there pretty soon! haha
Now it's time to work. Actually I'm excited about it.
I have a ton of edited pictures ready to post but now I don't know if I should post them chronologically ordered or reverse. We'll see.
Next ski probably the 1st of Jan. The 31st they only open from 9am to 12pm.

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