Ski Meadows #4: Monday in the new office

Super Monday. At 9am I already was in the lift line, waiting for a ride. Last night it snowed more than expected. That, together with the sun were the clear signs for a “no friends day”. But….they only opened two lifts in the whole ski area so the waiting time was pretty big. By the time I was arriving to a slope I decided to go it was already wasted by so many tracks. After some decent runs I decided to go to a small chair lift they opened and ski in a groomed slope. I had so much fun. I know it is a contradiction to have fun in a piste on a no friends day, but it is way more relaxing. That’s why I prefer to ski in spring rather than in a bluebird powder. Most of the people don’t understand me on that but for me it’s pretty simple: You avoid all that stress of racing others for opening tracks. In spring no matter how many people (if there are) went on a slope that the tracks won’t modify the snow. 
Anyways, after skiing in piste I went for a small hike to get some fresh powder with no tracks. It was so peaceful (the hike) and so short the run hahah
It's been a marvelous day overall. Skiing from 9 to 3 feels pretty safistying.
I guess I’ll go back to the mountain on Friday or Saturday but we’ll see…no rush! 
Now time to work hard, super motivated! :-)

 Hiking for some fresh tracks
 That was my signature of the day in the mountain

GoPro footage:


  1. par cuando un video???? queremos uno yaaaa

  2. Awesome pictures! And we still didn't reach the Meadows, but Joanna's snowboard is arriving today so hopefully we'll get out on Christmas weekend - see you out there :)

  3. Thanks! I'll be there the weekend. We'll have fun! :-)