Christmas day.

Bluebird powder day with almost no people. It was probably the best day of the season so far. The down part is that I crashed in the snow and it took me 16 minutes to get back a ski and the GoPro. I was freaking out! After that the ski patroller came to me to shout to me because I hiked in a closed lift. Turned out that 2 minutes later they opened the lift and there I was skiing untracked powder under the eyes and cheers of dozens of nervous skiers that were going in the lift. I was just thinking "Don't fall Diego, don't fall!"...and I didn't. It was a glorious run. After 15 minutes all the powder was gone. BTW that was my second run in that slope so I had the whole face of the mountain for myself. 
That's all for today. They forecast sun for the next couple of days. I want to take more pics!

Second time hiking
This is where I lost my ski

By the time I took the lift for the 2nd time


  1. capullo, no de envidia y no disfrutes tanto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lo que te queda por aguantar... Hasta Mayo al menos :-)