Tamanawas Falls

What a weekend! Did almost not stop for a moment. 
On Saturday I went to Tamanawas Falls with Wojtek, a super cool Polish guy who lives here, in Portland. He also has a blog with awesome long exposures pictures: http://behindtheviewfinder.com/
This weekend it’s been sunny and really nice but in our hike, on the east side of Mt Hood we found fog and cold (28ºF/-2ºC) but still really nice. I felt as it was my first day in the snow ever, really excited. On the way back we stopped in Trillium lake, a very iconic spot that I had in my list. There were a bunch of photographers there. I threw a stone to the water to take a shot of the ripples with Mt Hood but suddenly the whole lake was full of ripples, so I ruined the shot of the rest of guys for a couple of minutes. I felt pretty dumb, but at least I got a decent picture! 
Tomorrow first day at work. Let’s see how it goes… :-)

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