Surf in Washington.

1 day and a half trip through Washington. Monday 10 minutes before going to sleep I decided it was time to explore the neighbor state, so I set up everything. Tuesday I woke up at 5am and headed NW. After 3 hours of driving and a couple of failures checking possible surf spots (as always) I found a really nice wave. Actually the best surf I’ve had since last March. It was 3-4 hours of non stop surf, almost alone. 
On Wednesday I went 1.5 hours North, where I found a town with great surf potential. I didn’t surf but I enjoyed just checking the closeouts and imaging how it would be with a little bit of more swell. 
Right now recovering from the surf and driving (I ended up exhausted haha) and planning to go back as soon as possible. Probably next Monday. You know that I don't like to travel on weekends ;-)


  1. Valla fotos y valla olas... Impresionante!
    un saludo Mr. Zuri

  2. Muchas gracias!
    Después de 3 meses de búsqueda por fin he encontrado (y surfeado) olas decentes. Están un poco lejos de donde vivo (a 3 horas aprox) pero espero volver pronto.

    Saludos y gracias por comentar!