Robbery? (UPDATED)

Well, today I was doing my routinary Instagram check when I found the pic below. I thought: wow! this picture looks familiar to me, I have a similar one, but I thought, well... the cameraman of Albee got the same shot.
But later I went to my post ( and realized that the picture looks the same as mine, I mean as bad as mine cutting the superior part of the big rock and even with the same editing. Then I remembered that in that moment I was far from the cameraman, so the angle of the shot should be different. At first I thought it was impossible that they stole my picture...but you can judge by yourselves. It's so weird!

UPDATE: I receive an answer from Dakine. They changed the author name in their Instagram account and they've offered me a compensation for the miscommunication.

And here is the rider Kain Daly, who also took it without any referral
A photo posted by Kain Daly (@_themanchild) on

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