On Sunday morning I went with Wojtek ( to Pittock Mansion, to check the sunrise. It was really beautiful but cold as well! haha

Portland #20

It's been an hectic half of week here. I started working on Monday and at the same time I was moving to another apartment. 
On Monday I purchased a bed, twin sized, without knowing that it was too short for me. Idiot Diego! And actually I realized about that after installing it. So yesterday I went back to Ikea to change it for Queen sized. Well, I don't know if you've ever tried to wrap a mattress but it's probably the most difficult thing I've ever done. You also have to know that my car pretty small, so fitting it there took me another 10 minutes. After an hour of fighting with the twin sized mattress I finally made it to Ikea. Then went back home and install the queen sized bed. Guess what, the base I took was for double, not Queen, so I had to go back to Ikea. Yep, congrats myself!
Anyways, the bed is already set up. Now I need a table and a chair, which is waiting for me at work. I found really nice furniture that nobody wanted. 
Today is Thanksgiving day. It'll be my first ever celebration (last year I was coding for 30 hours, for an assignment ).
Let's see how it goes...

Matthew and Ann in the least liked fall activity:

Bye bye Vera!

Vera, a Mexican woman from Cuernavaca has been in Portland for some months. Before she left we celebrated a meeting in Jim’s house.

This is Vera:

Tamanawas Falls

What a weekend! Did almost not stop for a moment. 
On Saturday I went to Tamanawas Falls with Wojtek, a super cool Polish guy who lives here, in Portland. He also has a blog with awesome long exposures pictures:
This weekend it’s been sunny and really nice but in our hike, on the east side of Mt Hood we found fog and cold (28ºF/-2ºC) but still really nice. I felt as it was my first day in the snow ever, really excited. On the way back we stopped in Trillium lake, a very iconic spot that I had in my list. There were a bunch of photographers there. I threw a stone to the water to take a shot of the ripples with Mt Hood but suddenly the whole lake was full of ripples, so I ruined the shot of the rest of guys for a couple of minutes. I felt pretty dumb, but at least I got a decent picture! 
Tomorrow first day at work. Let’s see how it goes… :-)