Surf's up!

The following day after dad superzuri arrived (the 25th) we went to the coast. The forecast said that the conditions would be terrible but it turned out that I saw some semi-offshore wind for the first time here. 

We started in Ecola State Park but we were not the first ones there
 I showed him the typical view
 Right after it was time for the first session. I felt a little bit clumsy but I managed to do some turns

After that we headed south to Short Sands. This beach is the most popular in the area so it's normally crowded but the conditions are always decent. As the waves were surfeable I didn't wait much for the second session

 The wind started to swift shaping nice waves
As I saw some tinny tubes I tried to fit in some of them

 After lunch we stopped in Oceanside. Of course no one was out but in the middle of the chaos there was an epic wave, every 100. So I had faith and went to the water
 The pelicans were surfing over the waves

 The current was so intense that I had to get out 4 times and walk back to the main spot

 There were not only rights
 I had barrel hunger from the abstinence of the whole year
 In the foamball
 The lack of constant surfing leads to the late take offs...terrible!

 Last wave of the day
As you may see you don't get bored in this coast. Actually there are waves every day. Yes, it's never flat. But it's a pity that it takes 2 hours by car, from Portland to get there.

That's all folks!


  1. Hey superzuri!!
    Horrek bai olatu ederrak, laga beach ez da baiña ez dau bape txarto!Ikusten dotenez olatu ederrak hartzen zabiz eta biajie ondo aprobetxaten!!ondo segidu and enjoy the ride! bzzzzzz

  2. Aupa Erlieman!
    Zelako poztazune emanten dozten zure komentarioa irakurtzie.
    Olatu onak dauz amen baia haizie normalien txarra da, beraz tuboak ez dire eguneko gauza bat. Baia alde ona be badeko, ez dauela iñor uretan. Bakarrik marrazoak! jajaja
    Ia lana topetan badoten laster (elkarrizketa pare bat euki dotez aste hontan) eta abentura gehixau ahal dotez eukin hamen, Oregonen.
    Besarkada bar Portlandetik!

  3. Diego! Oceanside doesn't look so bad if you don't mind battling the current. Nice shots man! Can't wait to get some tubos soon. My friends and I are taking a trip up the Canada Coast on the 20th. Hope you're enjoying Portland!