Albee Layer surfing in Oregon.

Today after a great adventure (coming in the next post) I headed to Oceanside, to check if I could surf. I saw two guys in the water so I grabbed the binoculars, I focused to the point and suddenly I saw a guy rotating 360º like 1-2m in the air, not kidding. As yesterday I saw on Instagram that Albee was in Oregon, no many guys could be doing that. So I changed the lenses and run as fast as possible to the shore. It has been 20 minutes shooting until they've left (his friend is Kain Daly). It's been really intense! And spectacular to see those huge maneuvers in the shitty conditions. Yeew!


  1. Vaya fotones!! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Gracias!! La verdad es que la cosa cambia cuando hay buena acción para fotografiar.
      A ver si nos aguanta el sol un poco más que aquí cuando empieza a llover no debe de parar en meses...ya veremos!