This morning I drove to the east for 45 minutes, to explore a couple of falls. The hikes were light but I ended up walking about 7 miles (11 km). I don’t know why I felt to take myself pictures with the GoPro. It was fun. I placed the camera somewhere and then controlled it from my phone, via WiFi. Just experimenting.
On the way to the car a couple asked me if I could take them to Portland, they had been hiking for 3 days. They are so nice! Hopefully I’ll meet them for some hikes.
Tomorrow is the first day since I arrived that they forecast east wind (offshore in this coast) but I’ll do some car tuning instead of surfing. Driving 4-5 hours for surfing is acceptable but I’m a little bit tired of driving so much the same road. I want to explore the east of Oregon rather than surfing the next days.

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