Labor day weekend.

Welcome back!
I spent the weekend in Cape Meares, in a house, with Iñaky and some of his friends. It was in front of the beach so it had a perfect location.
The weekend had the highlight of the sea creatures.
On Saturday there were dozens of whales cruising the coast. In the sunset I went surfing and while in the water suddenly I saw a whale jumping about 200 meters from me. As the sun was setting in the horizon the whale was in front of the sun, creating an incredible effect. 5 minutes later a seal came to me to catch a couple of waves. When I got out from the water the people on the beach told me there where orcas next to me too.
Sunday it was similar but with a bunch of dolphins, like 30.
Yesterday, Monday at noon I was surfing again and two whales jumped 50 meters from me. Another seal swam next to me for a while again, while singing.
I can't think about a greater experience than this. I am so fortunate!

I found a nice right-handed wave

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