Portland #2

Today we went to the Portland Unitarian Church. Last time I was in a church in USA was in a Gospel one in the south of Chicago and it was an interesting experience. This time has been much more valuable. The unitarian church is a very liberal one and as an example they didn't talk about god at all. The prayer gave a speech way more inspiring than the one of Steve Jobs in the Stanford commencement. She talked about how each of us can make a change in the world, of course based on good actions. It was funny that she used a very colloquial language that made the speech feel closer. Really moving!
Then we went to the place of a friend of Jim so that I could set up the printer she bought. She was so happy when it was working.
In the evening we went to a park next to our place for a concert from the symphony. They played a mixture from "Peter and the Wolf" to a piece of Granados. The sound was terrible but it turned on my wish to go to the concert hall for some good sounding pleasure. 
Tomorrow will be another great day!

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