A year in USA

Well, the August 7th of last year I was taking the flight to Portland, starting my adventure in USA.
Every year I promise myself that the coming year has to be even better than the previous one. I don’t know how I do it but it works, so yeah this past year has been technically the best of my life.
I went to Lightroom to check some of the pictures and in the end I’ve decided to make a resume reviewing my adventure.

August 2014:
When I arrived to Portland we went hiking to Mt. Adams

 A week after I arrived to Chicago and met the coolest people ever
 I also met another kind of friends
 September came soon but we kept exploring the city and swimming in the lake as much as we could
 I learned new sports

 Suddenly the university workload became something really serious and that’s why I don’t have any Chicago pictures until January (I just realized about that).

After a hard October and November December arrived and I could surf again at home, after 5 months of absenteeism. Besides I could touch some snow
 Photo Angela:
 Photo Angela:
 Photo Angela:
On the way back the trip to Grand Canyon was waiting

I made my dream come true about jumping in the middle of the road in Arizona. Photo Mats:
And in a dune. Photo Mats:
January was nicer than I thought it would be
 And I skied in USA for the first time! Lena in action:
February started with full of snow, the way I like the most

 But in my mind the surf kept untouched
 In March the sun started to get stronger and the snow melt process became something annoying
 We managed to make a nice trip to Costa Rica
 Photo Evelina:
 Photo Evelina:
 April was the colorful month

 The tulips came from nowhere and for two weeks the city was truly beautiful
 May was time to say goodbye to the European friends. In terms of weather it was a crazy mixture. One day hot, next time freezing
 We had the visit of a swell
 I bought the bike to Mats and I started to love the road next to the lake

 Nishanth invited me to visit the states on the south of Illinois and I didn’t doubt for a moment to go

 June was time for the Northwest trip with Mats
 I made more friends

 And we admired the nature

 Back in Chicago I tried to follow new sports but basically I spent the whole time working on the research project
 And in the end of the month I received a great visit (actually the first and only visitor in my USA staying)
 In July we made a long trip around the west
 Once again I made more friends

 We found all kind of weather conditions
 But the storm was as beautiful as the sun
 After Angela left I discovered that Chicago also has some nice nature
 By that time the heat of the summer was something normal
 I kept working in the trial of new things. Photo Leonardo:
 After that it was time to plan my next adventure
Moving to Portland

And all the sudden, a year after I’m in the same place where I started.