Trip to NorthWest.

So this is the report of the last trip. Mats and I took the Amtrak train to Seattle. 46 hours in a row. It was magical. After that we rented a car in Seattle and spent 3 days in Olympic National Park. Then, we took the bus to Portland to visit Matthew, Marcia and Ann. We went hiking to Mt. Hood, as well as camping next to Salmon river. And yesterday we took the Spirit airlines rocket back to Chicago.
 On the train

 Olympic National Park

 I went crazy and took a selfie

 I went swimming to every possible place we saw around (except the sea)

 The beaches are incredible

 The gorillapod + GoPro can be so much fun. Mats trying new angles

 Nice empty lefthander
 We went to Hoh rainforest, but it was sunny

 A little cat walked not very far from us
 More beach

 Empty roads
 Camping in Salmon river with Ann and Marcia
 Yoga time
 And the hike around Mt. Hood. Mats was sick so he stayed in the base camp

Now planning the next one with Angela, in three weeks... :-)

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