West #1

Already made it to Utah. 105° Fahrenheit in Salt Lake...terrible. Then, as we started to go south we crossed through some storms that made the weather nicer. The problem was that it was cloudy, so the pictures are not very nice.
After the marathonian day we ended up in the jacuzzi of a nice motel. Now praying for some sun for tomorrow (although it'll be boiling!).
See ya!

Willis tower.

What it used to be the tallest building of the world until 10 years ago, has glass cubes in the 103rd floor (412 meters). So just before departing to the west we have decided to go up there and play with my vertigo. I was freaking out, my legs are still shaking.

Chicago by Angela.

Well, this is our last day in Chicago. Tomorrow (Monday) we take a flight to Salt Lake City and drive (still don't exactly know where) for 14 days.
These are some of the pictures that Angela took. 
See you!

Angela #4

And here we are, living life in Chicago. I haven't almost taken pictures in the last two days. As Evelina would say "When you don't feel like taking pictures it's better not to take them".  So I've just been enjoying the moment. 
Some pictures with the phone:

Taking the train 
 Testing the camping equipment for the trip
 Empty corner
 A nice place we crossed after the beach
Tomorrow is the last day in Chicago...

Angela #3

Shopping day and walking through the west of downtown. The weather was not very appealing, except early in the morning. I guess tomorrow we'll go to the north, the german neighborhood or around the area.

Angela #2

Today, taking advance of the jet lag of Angela we woke up at 5:30 and by 7am we were in the bean. It was nice to visit it with almost nobody around. It felt like being back in winter. Then, we walked around downtown for the rest of the morning. We saw everything!
After lunch we went to the movies and then Sushi Para for dinner. 
Let's see what happens tomorrow...

 We found the van of Lena (the Donuts van) but they were sold out. Let's see if we see it again :-)
And of course we visited Union Station