Trip to the South.

A 6 day trip to Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. I realized that Americans are not very original with town names. I've been to Lafayette, Frankfort, Glasgow, Morocco, Lebanon, Sweden, Stockholm... and many more. 
I've really liked this area. I didn't know that it was so green, so it was a nice surprise.
It's funny, the more I travel the more I feel that I don't know anything about the world and the people. But at the same time it's so addictive. 

Hiking around Indianapolis

 We went to Clifty Falls State Park

 We kept going to the South
 Nashville. A really cool city. Good music everywhere!

 Climbing trees
 And rolling down the hills

 They took us a group photo

 Yes, they even copied the Parthenon

 We also went to Mammoth Caves National Park. Sincerely quite disappointing.


 Nishanth taking pictures to his baby

 There where hundreds of fireflies flying. One of the most beautiful things I've seen.

 Time to feed the BRZ

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