Surviving #21.

We went to the Field Museum. Once again as it was free it was quite crowded. But it was nice, I made some dinosaur friends
 Evelina also made new friends
 The master bought the suit with pants for less than $10. Good job!
 Andre made us Brigadeiros...marvelous!
 Hacker working. Do not disturb.
Testing the gorillapod in the library

 Library party
 Sunrise before PT
 We went to the orchestra
 A lot of excitement before the concert...not the same after...hahaha
 I have started to have crepes for breakfast
 Sometimes they have bad face
 There's also the hipster version
 This one is familiar
 Hitting the record in my bedroom
 We went ice skating. I had the flashback to Bambi-on-the-ice scene
 Going back home

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