The cold is back!

It looks that some North-NorthWest wind is coming. Thursday looks cold but Saturday seems like a special day. It's still quite far in time, so we'll see it.

Adding between 10º and 15ºC to the Geopotential we could say that at the sea level it would be between -15ºC and -20ºC. Nothing too special. But if we add the wind then it's something else than just cold.
-15ºC = 5ºF
-20ºC = -4ºF
Saturday wind will be around 30 knots = 35miles/hour
If we look at the chart:
5ºF + 35mph = -21ºF = -30ºC
-4ºF + 35mph = -34ºF = -37ºC

Not enough for breaking the record but still exciting. Let's pray for something great!

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