Surviving #18

The best way to rest is with a bag in your feet. Lena checking it
 Nishanth feeding the baby. Mats on the window
 Not the best ice cream of Trader Joe's but finally I tried all of them. Now I can work in the store, helping people to choose the right one
Crepes and beer after Yoga class. Perfect plan

 Lena ready for the cold
 We went to Seinabo Sey concert. It was short and intense, although I expected more chicken skin moments. But she touched me!
 M & M made chewing gum lengthen competition. Guess who won
 A walk in the campus
 Random snowman you find in the street

 The best way to start a day
 I tried to cross the tunnel but I got stuck with waist high snow
 The heating keeps going crazy so sometimes the apartment turns into a sauna
 Typical picture

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