Surviving #16

Yes, surviving section is back!
There has been a lot going on the last couple of days. Yesterday (Sunday) we went to a Gospel Church. It was really nice! We were singing with some grandmas like in the movies. In the afternoon we went to a Jazz bar to see and listen live actuations. Marvelous!
This morning we went to the Science Museum. They had attractive showings but as it was free entrance it was extremely crowded. Tonight cinema!
Now praying for the assignments to be delayed one more week. :-)

The phone pictures have been piling since the return of Grand Canyon, so let's start in order.

Chicago received us with a 3 day snowfall. The city was much nicer but now all the snow is gone...

 Contemporary art in the art museum

 I wasn't the only tourist in Millenium Park

 I was missing the powder skiing days so I opened some tracks in the snow ;-)
 Going to the swimming pool
Days are lengthening
The salad diet is back!

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