Last Surviving of the year.

Yes, Fall 2014 semester is over. Finally.

But finals week has probably been the most relaxing week of the semester. This is the proof: Surfing championship, skiing video and ice cream.
 The snow came again!
 Mats got Third place in the "IIT Disposable Camera Challege"
 This was his picture
Evelina got Honorable Mention with this one
There are still some leaves on the ground
 Today we went to Anderssonville, the Swedish neighborhood, and I found these funny cookies
 Typical bus publicity
 Waiting for the metro
 The twins doing their job
 After dinner we've gone to Lincoln Park. Everything was covered by lights. It was quite impressive. Really nice!

Now it's time to pack everything. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be flying day.

See you in Laga! :-)

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