Video Summer 2014.

It was Saturday morning in the library when I heard this song and I thought "I have to make a video, right now". I went home and 2 hours and a half later this was the result:

Surviving #12

Well, I guess my life is getting really boring, and it's going worse. 
Anyway, here you are the pictures of surviving section

Mats bread + Nutella = marvelous
 Mac charger broke down again... but Mats fixed it!
 We went to the cinema.
 Sunbathing in the metro station
 The swimming pool is getting really empty. That's great!
 Something arrived!
I have 3 weeks to test it. In the last two weeks I have only used it twice. The bad thing about the surface is that my mac looks a toy...hahaha
1:12am in the library. I found a whiteboard and markers

As Facebook would's complicated

 2am. Time to go home!
 During the -10ºC days the heating stopped working so I moved my bed upstairs. Much better!
 Local wildlife

Weather forecasting in USA.

One of the most curious things for me here is the weather forecasting. I started to check the maps almost a year ago and I'm still surprised about how fast the conditions change. The weather prediction is a really challenge here! Much more difficult to predict than in Europe. 
Here is an example for the following day forecast in Chicago: 

Friday: It will start to get warmer, but still NW chilly winds. -8ºC in the morning and around 1ºC in the afternoon. Sunny sky.

Sunday: Direct S wind from the Mexican Golf. Mild temperatures. Reaching the 10ºC barrier. Wet weather. Probably heavy rain.

Tuesday: N-NW winds again. The cold is coming back. Below cero temperatures very easily. Probably around -7ºC. No precipitations but not clear sky neither.
The best part is that by tomorrow or the following day the prediction will change drastically. 
Welcome to America!


Second day with Android 5.0. I love it!

Here you are some screenshots

Surviving #11.

Tortillas for a Sunday breakfast
 Party! Mats made bread!
 Muri joining me in the homework :-)
 Typical weekend plan: endless cloud computing assignments
 Super American
 Definitely that Pepsi is not part of my breakfast
 Chicago people have also sense of humour
 Ratatouille's place
 I wish they'd be Celsius
 Last leaves of the year


Last Friday Mats, Miriam and me went to Yppah+Little People concert. Another marvelous one! :-)

Some spectators started to dance on the speakers. Very funny.

Swimming time.

Missing #11

Laga hace una semana. Video de Ángela.

Decorating #2.

Mats told me there was a special offer in Shutterfly: Free 50 pictures paying only the shipping ($4.6).
Now I want to print more!

 There is a lot of work to do...