Surviving #4.

Nexus power
 We went to Ikea because the swedish crew needed to feel like home

 Funny raincoat
 It's Christmas!
 We needed a car to move all the shopping
 The typical useless thing you buy...
 We went to salsa class
 Piano session
 Zubin's reaction to the new adquisition
 This is familiar
Returning home after party
 Haha I don't think so!
 We went to Bonobo concert. Marvellous!
 Since it was created he has been trying to climb it. Good luck buddy!

Routine #3.

This time Evelina joined us!

Missing #2.

Photo: superzuri daddy

Surviving #3

The phone pictures have started stacking so here you are some of them:

The fridge bananas continued turning dark, but they were really nice
A chilli shaped storm faced Chicago and it took us when we were returning from the grocery
 The apartment looking like a real student apartment
 PARTY! ;-)

 I wish all my assignments would be like this
 Frisbee has its exciting sides...
 Girls after party. All smiles!

 Interesting name...
 I found Piranhas in the supermarket!
 European vs American
 Getty made a delicious apple pie

That's all for today!