Seguimos #2

Trying to avoid pizza & hamburgers...
 Very usual, here
 A typical mobile phone base station
 We went to a thrift shop and I bought these two items for $3.28. It's not that bad!
 First pool match of my life. Horrible!
 Chan chan...
 Another example of the typyical american mutation
 When you buy green bananas and they stay 4 days in the fridge
 Mats freestyle dance
 Athletic Club in our hearts
 Sunset 2
 Jazz festival in Millenium Park
Carina making friends

That's all folks!


The fog of Chicago
Drying service
Mats playing the piano of our apartment building
Storm on the way back from the beach

The floods
The loop
Mu-shu food
I don't remember where...
Sunset from the room
Not the typical Spanish class

Welcome Alex Jr.!

I can't think about a better way of starting the day than receiving the new that our cousin is already here!
There is no doubt that having those beautiful parents he will be lovely.
The Borchers legacy is now in your hands, Alex! ;-)